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 About us

About us


At 1000 Islands Music, our mission is to bring skilled and quality teaching to students of all ages, in all musical styles while sparking a lifelong passion for the pursuit of music. Students will learn how to play songs in many genres, read music, become skilled with “ear training”, learn many techniques and terms, and most importantly learn to effectively apply it to their playing and performing.

Founded by owner, instructor and local professional mutli-instrumentalist Leo Diensthuber, 1000 Islands Music brings over 25 years combined teaching, performing and recording experience in Ottawa, Toronto and Brockville to students who attend our facilities.

Leo has released several albums with music videos featured by Guitar World magazine and has received international recognition for his boundary-pushing guitar work and songwriting in progressive rock band Divine Realm.

He is currently endorsed/sponsored by Ernie Ball Music Man guitars, Horizon Devices, Rocktron Technology for Guitarists, and DR Strings and his music is available on all major music distribution mediums.

Leo also performs as a professional drummer with local premium 70's tribute act “Easy: Electrified Blues Band” as well as works as a studio session drummer.

Contact us today and find out why we are passionate about what we do, and why we want you to experience the gift of music for yourself. 

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