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Acoustic, Electric, Classical, Bass Guitar and Ukulele

Drums and Percussion  

  Acoustic, Electric and Bass    

Our teachers are well versed in many styles including Rock, Blues, Pop, Folk, CountryMetal and many other genres on Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar as well as Classical Guitar and Ukulele. 
Students will learn to read notation for their instrument, chords, scales, many songs by different artists as well as request songs of their own choosing.

  Drums and Percussion    

Become an experienced drummer with lessons that focus on learning how to play rudiments, master sticking patterns,  play beats and drum grooves in many styles such as Rock, Pop, Funk, Gospel, Blues, Swing/Jazz, Metal, Punk, and Progressive Rock. Students will develop confidence in reading drum notation as well as learn many drum scores by famous composers.

Individualized Learning Plans    

At 1000 Islands Music we realize that all students are unique, and that no universal curriculum will suit the needs of all.

Depending on the student's personality, skill level, progression and personal goals we aim to meet our students "where they're at" when they attend their weekly session, whether that means focusing on learning to play their new favourite song or reaching for that next level of skill and performance.

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